Qualtrics is an online survey tool to create (complex) surveys for your research. Qualtrics offers different question types, branch logic and the ability to export results to statistical software such as SPSS.

Leiden University has a Qualtrics license. Researchers and students can use Qualtrics without any cost. On the Leiden University Qualtrics domain you log in easily using your ULCN-credentials.

Qualtrics Quickstart

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Privacy protection

  • Protective Measures to be taken by yourself

    When you – as a researcher or student – work with personal data you have the responsibility to protect the privacy of your respondents to the best.
    In addition to the security measures that Qualtrics offers by default you have to take security measures yourself. Qualtrics offers you the possibility to work in an AVG-compliant manner.

  • Privacy statement and GDPR (AVG) compliancy

    Qualtrics explains how they protect private data in their privacy statement.
    and on the page Qualtrics & GDPR Compliance.

    Qualtrics protects the data optimally, according to the best of its ability and to the most advanced standards. With these measures Qualtrics meets the requirements of the GDPR (AVG).

  • Data processing agreement

    Leiden University has a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with Qualtrics. It documents the requirements the university sets for Qualtrics regarding the protection of personal data.