Follow the steps below to set up the Qualtrics Offline App

  1. Have the Offline App enabled in your account
    Ask Qualtrics Support@Leiden University to enable the use of the Offline App in your Qualtrics account.

  2. Generate API token
    • Log in to Qualtrics the way you normally do
    • Go to the user icon (right upper corner) > Click Account settings > Qualtrics ID’s > Generate token
      When an API token has already been generated DO NOT generate one again!
      For detailed instructions see: Generating an API-token
  3. Download the Offline App
    • On your mobile device go to iTunes App Store or Google Play store.
    • Download the app named Qualtrics Surveys (not Qualtics XM or Labs). The app’s icon looks like this:

  4. Use the app
    • Start the app on your mobile device
    • In the login screen, choose Sign in with SSO

    • Fill in Organization ID: leidenuniv and choose Continue
    • The Leiden University login page appears. Log in using your ULCN credentials

Future logins

On re-starting the app you are logged in automatically. Whenever you are being asked to log in again, please log in as described above

Keep the App up to date!
Because the app is always being improved, we recommend to stick to the latest version. Using the latest version guarantees maximum support for all the question types and variations of logic. In case you have an older version of the app please follow these instructions.

Multiple devices

Feel free to log in to the same Qualtrics account from multiple devices. Responses collected on each mobile device can all be uploaded back to the same survey.

Different users

Both the survey owner and users with whom the survey are shared can take the survey using the app. All responses will be uploaded back to the same survey.

More info:

Setting up the offline app
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