On October 6, 2021 Qualtrics launches a new Home page and redesigned Projects page.
The new Home page and redesigned Projects page are to to make the Qualtrics XM survey platform easier to use, more consistent and predictable.

What is the change?

New Home page

The first improvement is a new, accessible, and purpose-built Homepage. It was built in order to provide a starting point, with glanceable cards that help you take action or dive deeper. Home is designed to pull relevant system and project information from throughout Qualtrics and centralize it in one place. Home does not remove the Projects page and you will still have access to it in the global navigation menu.

Projects page

The second improvement is a redesigned Projects page that makes it easier to quickly find, organize, and manage your projects and programs. The Projects page is fully accessible, creates a folder structure common in most file management systems, makes it easier to “Star” or favorite projects, makes more project metadata searchable, and creates an easy to scan table with new project icons and statuses.

Do I need to take action?

No. You will be automatically opted-in to the new Home page and Projects page. In case you prefer to use the old Projects page interface you will be given the option to opt-out and see the previous interface for 30 days.

Configure what you see on Homepage

You can go to the upper left-hand side to “Configure homepage” to toggle different card sections on or off. What you see here is dependent on the Leiden University Qualtrics License.

More info

For more info please visit these support pages:

Qualtrics XM Community
It’s always worth checking the Qualtrics XM Community to see if other users have the same question.

Qualtrics Support
If you’d rather speak to a specialist, the Qualtrics Support team is always ready to assist.