Qualtrics is not intended as a storage space. As soon as (personal) data are not yet longer required for your research they need to be removed from Qualtrics.

Before deleting data or surveys from Qualtrics be sure you have exported your survey data for any further processing or archiving.

There are two ways to delete data from Qualtrics:

  • Delete response data
    Please note: all response data will be permanently deleted!
    >> Delete response data
  • Delete entire survey
    • Tab Projects > Choose Delete project (in drop down menu on the right side of the survey in question)
      Please note: the entire survey (data included) will be permanently deleted!
      >> Deleting a project
    • While deleting a project (survey) you are prompted that both the entire survey and all response data will be deleted permanently. The survey however ends up in a temporary trash bin that can only be accessed by Leiden Qualtrics support. After deleting a survey please contact Leiden Qualtrics support so they can delete the survey permanently.