Collaborating on a survey

  • Choose My projects > Select survey > Collaborate
  • Select user:
    • If user is within Leiden University (has a ULCN-account):
      • Ask user to create a Qualtrics account by logging in once on
      • Share the survey by selecting user from User and Group Address Book.
        PLEASE NOTE!
        Do not manually enter user’s email address but select user from User and Group Address Book instead.
        Preferably, you can set the desired permissions for this user. When user is not listed in User and Group Address Book, then user has no Qualtrics-account yet. Ask user to create an account first.
    • If user is outside Leiden University:
      Share by manually entering user’s email address. The user will receive an email with link to the survey and instructions on how to login or create an account.

Collaboration groups

Leiden University students and staff can collaborate on surveys within collaboration groups. Group members have access to a shared library of contacts, library items (such as messages and documents) and other project data.

Groups can be requested at Leiden University Qualtrics support. Please provide a preferred group name and the ULCN-names people (within Leiden University!) who need access.


Where do I find survey’s that were shared with me?

Shared surveys are in the ‘Shared with Me’ folder. You might have to refresh your account in order to see the shared surveys.

Where do I see with whom I shared a survey?

Choose the survey in question > Collaborate.
A screen opens that lists with whom you shared your survey.

A survey has been shared with me but when I click the link I can’t login…

You received an email that a survey has been shared with you. But when you click on the link in the email you can’t log in.

Answer: You need a Leiden University Qualtrics account:

  • Leiden University staff and students: Create a Qualtrics account by logging in once on
  • People from other Qualtrics domains (i.e. other universities or organisations): ignore this email. Log into your own Qualtrics domain to access the shared survey.
  • Others: follow the link in the automatic email you received in order to create a (free) Qualtrics account.

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