Three project phases

The construction of the physical Asian Library consists of three separate phases and projects.

1. Renovation of the Open Stacks
(May 2015 – October 2015)*
First of all, we will start the renovation of the Open Stacks on -1, one floor below the Information Centre Huygens, in the second half of May 2015. The Open Stacks area will be completely refurbished. Ultimately it will contain 5 km of material mostly from our Asian and periodicals collections. It will also include thirty new workspaces. With a brand new carpet, freshly painted walls and ceiling, it will be a delight to study our rich collections in this new area of the University Library. This will be possible again in October 2015. The collections will stay accessible during the whole renovation, except for two weeks in the second half of May in which the collections will be moved to clear the Open Stacks area.

Collage impressies nieuw OM

> Read more about the relocation and availability of the collections of the Open Stacks during the renovation.

2. Creation of a book depository in Van Steenis Building
(August 2015 – March 2016)*
Secondly, we are creating a book depository that will hold approximately 37km of materials in the  Van Steenis Building. In the first quarter of 2016 we will move low use materials from the stacks of the University Library to this new facility, creating the necessary space at the University Library to hold the collections of KITLV and the East Asian Library.

Van Steenis collage2

3. Constructing The Asian Library
(April 2016 – Spring 2017)*
Finally, we will start the construction of the Asian wing on top of the University Library in April 2016 and plan to open the new Asian Library in the first half of 2017.



*Dates are an indication and can be adjusted in time due to changes in construction plans.

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