Data Management Plan

Template-datamanagementplan_Leiden_v3.1[d.d. 20180903, including GDPR]

Leiden University has its own template for a data management plan. Writing a data management plan according to this template will help you comply with the university policy and with most funders requirements. The template is also used for the data management training provided by the data librarians. In the course of the university data management project, the template and additional documentation will be evaluated and adopted for use by all disciplines.

Most funders ask a data management paragraph to be included in your proposal. Please contact us for more information and a template for the paragraph.

Once granted, funders can ask you to write an initial data management plan in the first six months of the project (one of the deliverables in your proposal).

The templates of ZonMW and H2020 can be filled out in the DMPOnline tool.

Curious to learn more about the why, what and how of a data management plan? Watch this movie (5:30)  by Research Data Netherlands.