What is your opinion on research data management?

How do researchers in the Netherlands think about research data management? The NationalCoordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) is doing a national survey and is looking for respondents.

What is your opinion on research data management (RDM)? How do you deal with the RDM requirements of research funders and your own research institute? Is RDM part of your daily activities as a researcher? Do you need any technical facilities? Do you need (more) support?

The Logo%20LCRDMNational Coordination Point Research Data Management asks researchers to give their opinion on RDM. Your information is especially useful for the Leiden colleagues participating in the LCRDM working groups. Thank you very much in advance!

Filling in the questionnaire takes at most 10 minutes of your time. The survey closes on 15 August 2016. To the survey

LCRDM website


Best Practices: file names and folder structures

The world according to GARP…

In our data management courses we always discuss the way participants document and organise their data files. One of the questions is how to keep track of your data. Will you be able to find a specific dataset in due time? Will others be able to find and understand it? This is crucial if you or anyone else wants to use your data later on. One of the first things to do is to name your files and structure your folders in a consistent way. It is even better if you and your colleagues use the same standard.


Dr. Liesbeth de Lange, associate professor LACDR


Dr. Liesbeth de Lange has successfully developed the GARP standard in her group at the LACDR institute (Faculty of Science). Rutger de Jong asked her how this standard came into being and how it was adopted. You can read the interview below. Inspired? Why not organise a ‘data organisation day’ at your institute, another nice idea born at the LACDR.




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