Survey data can be exported so they can be further processed using external software. The data can be processed as as csv, tsv, xml, spss or pdf-file.

Exporting data: overview
Data export formats

Export your data

  • In your survey, go to Tab Data & Analysis > Data
  • Choose Export & Import > Export Data
  • Select your desired data format
  • Download the file

Troubleshooting CSV and TSV

After importing a csv or tsv file you might see a clutter of data. You need to do some formatting to make the data readable.

See Trouble with downloaded csv and tsv files

When this did not help please try exporting a different data format (tsv when you tried csv, or in reverse).

After exporting your data

After exporting your data you should remove it from Qualtrics in order to protect your respondents.

See: delete data or survey