Classic Reports Retirement

As from March, 31th 2021 Qualtrics will deprecate Classic Reports functionality. This means you will lose access to any report created with Classic Reports.

The original survey data remain unaffected. Only access to the Classic Reports is discontinued.

Classic Reports will be replaced by the new and improved Advanced Reports with the following features:

  • a new simplified user experience
  • better application performance
  • increased stability in report generation

Read more about Advanced reports.

Qualtrics has notified individual users of Classic Reports by email and in-product notifications (i.e. popups in reports section).

What should you do?

1. Check if you have Classic Reports in your surveys

    • Open a Qualtrics project
    • Click on the Reports tab > then click on the Reports section
    • Click on the ‘View Classic Reports’ button
    • Click on ‘All’ in the left menu to see all the Classic Reports for this project.

You might see the following screen instead:

If nothing appears in this section, you DON’T have Classic Reports for this particular project.

2. Decide which reports you wish to keep.

Choose one of the following:

    • Rebuild your report with Advanced Reports
      If you need the report in future we encourage you to rebuild your report.

      Help and support

      For assistance building Advanced Reports:

    • Download a PDF copy as a backup
      • Open the Classic report (see Step 1 above)
      • Click on Share > Export to PDF