2017’s Challenge: how to tempt Leiden’s researchers into OA publishing

Spinger, Wiley, Taylor&Francis, Elsevier, ACS all offer high quality Open Access opportunities to Leiden researchers without additional costs, without compromises to impact.why-open-access-1280x960

The start of 2017 has brought us 7400 high quality journals offering a very favourable deal for Open Access publishing to Dutch researchers on condition that they must state themselves that they want to make use of it!

Open Access publishing has long suffered a reputation problem: it was either at the cost of impact, or expensive, or a combination of both. The emergence of so called predatory journals and their persistent spamming does not really help to boost the image of what started as a well willing, idealistic movement.

How then, to get to message across a still rather reserved scientific community that in 2017 we can offer truly interesting Open Access deals with more than 7400 quality journals with very high to 100% discount rates, but that researchers do have to indicate themselves that they want to make use of this OA publishing agreement?

Nothing works as efficient as word of mouth from peers, but we have to start somewhere… to create a critical mass of participants we invite you to take look at the journal title list, share it, and when you publish with these journals, state that you want to make use of the Open Access deals: they have already been paid for.

The list of journal titles can be found at: https://www.bibliotheek.universiteitleiden.nl/onderzoek-en-publiceren/open-access/deals-met-uitgevers

Questions and feedback are welcomed at: openaccess@library.leidenuniv.nl

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