Place the maps of Leiden University Libraries on their right location!

Maps in the Crowd is back again! Over 300 maps are ready to be georeferenced by you. Everyone who likes it can join by simply log in via email or social media account. By joining this project you help the library to make its map collection better accessible. Also, the old maps can be compared with the modern situation this way.

For this project eleven atlases are selected that contain over 300 maps altogether. The atlases are concerned with various parts of Asia, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, China, India and Bangladesh. The atlases date from the middle of the seventeenth century to the end of the nineteenth century.

In the meantime we are switched to a new version of the Georeferencer application. This version has a lot of functionalities, among which various viewing possibilities (‘Overlay’, ‘Grid’ to compare multiple maps, ‘Swipe’, ‘Spy-glass’ and a 3D-viewer), the addition of transcriptions, the inclusion of the old maps in GeoEditors and the availability of georeferenced files that can be reused in, for instance, GIS applications.

The atlases that have been selected come from the University Library’s rare books collection, the bequest of the nineteenth-century collector Johannes Bodel Nijenhuis (1797-1872) and the atlas collection the KIT Royal Tropical Institute.

Maps in the Crowd goes Caribbean: new maps available!


Help us georeference our map collection!

After successfully georeferencing  a large part of our digitized maps we have launched a new phase! We have added a set of 1100 maps from our Caribbean collections to the Leiden Georeferencer application and, once again, ask the public to help us add unlocking them. With your help we aim to improve the accessibility of our digital map data for teaching and research.

You can start georeferencing here!Caribbean