Call for papers

The call for papers is closed!

All proposers will be contacted after the vetting committee finished their selection of papers.


The central theme of the symposium is the mutual influence of Western and Asian cartographic traditions. The focus will be on where Western and Asian cartographic history meet. Geographically, the topics will be limited to South Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia with special attention to India, China, Japan, Korea and Indonesia.

Topics and questions which will be discussed are:
• What defines Asia? The arbitrary borders between Europe and Asia on the map
• Asian cartographic traditions
• Asian toponomy and cartography
• Cartography and intercultural contact
• Missionary and colonial cartographies of Asia
• Asian cartography in the collections of Leiden University Libraries
• Philipp Franz von Siebold and the cartography of Japan
• and all papers of merit

Abstracts of up to 2500 characters, describing original research may be submitted for international peer review. Abstracts should be written in English. A selection of high-quality submissions will be accepted for presentation at the conference and included in a booklet of abstracts, handed out during the event. Possibly a poster session will be organised.

Papers should be presented only in English.