Leiden Asia Year Map #6

afb 3 klein

Gijsbert Franco baron von Derfelden van Hinderstein, Verzamelingsblad van de Algemeene Kaart van Nederlandsch Oostindië, 1833-1837

manuscript on paper, c. 40 x 60 cm

Heritage Collection Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), KK 112-05-01

In the colonial heritage collection of the Royal Tropical Institute, the manuscript design for an elaborate topographic map of the Netherlands East Indies is kept. The complete wall map measures 161 x 242 cm. The eight sheets and indexsheet were printed between 1841 and 1843. The complete set of nine copper plates of this map were also kept in the library of the Royal Tropical Institute. They were water damaged and are currently being restored.

Apart from an overview of the Malay Archipelago, the map contains 35 inset maps with more detailed maps on a larger scale of smaller islands, straits, roads, coasts, bays, and a town plan of Batavia. The designs of the inset maps are one separate small pieces of paper and glued on the larger sheets.Here you see the manuscript design of the index sheet.

A large part of the doctoral thesis on Von Derfelden van Hinderstein, written by P.W.A. Broeders, is concerned with the creation of this map.

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