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3. Webcam Recording

One of the possibilities of creating video on our platform is to create a webcam recording.

  • To create a webcam recording we open the ‘Add New’ menu and select ‘Webcam Recording’.

  • When you are creating a webcam recording for the first time you will have to choose to allow access to your microphone and camera.
    • Please choose ‘Allow’.

  • Once you have allowed access to your microphone and camera you have the option of choosing what device you would like to use.
    • Click on the ‘cogwheel’ (top right in the image below).
    • Select if you want to adjust the Camera or the Audio.

  • When you have chosen to adjust the Camera or the Audio you are given the option to disable the Camera or Audio altogether (click on the switch as seen to the bottom right of the image below).
  • You can also choose what device to use if you have multiple devices installed.

  • Once you have set the input devices and/or disabled audio or video you can press the big red knob in the middle of the video preview screen to start recording.

  • A countdown timer will count down from 3. Underneath the counter there is also a cancel button.

  • Once the countdown timer reaches zero the recording will start.
  • When you are done recording simply press the button as shown below.

  • Once the recording has stopped a preview window will appear through which you can check if the video is okay.
  • The three options as shown below the preview window are (see image below):
    • Record Again: re-record the video. The prior recording will be lost!
    • Save a copy: Save a copy of your current video to your computer.
    • Use This: Saves the video within the video platform and opens a form in which you are required to enter a title, description and tag (we recommend entering all fields).
      • Press save to save this video to your media.

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