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  • Add-menu: Through this menu you can upload/create video’s and quizzes to the videoportal.
  • (Sub-)Categories: The various headers on the navigation bar.
  • Channels: A special group of video’s accessible only by members of this group.
  • Creative Commons Licences: Freely available standard copyright licenses that govern in what extend a work can be spread or used. For more info please visit: https://creativecommons.org/about/
  • Embedding: The videoportal uses embedding in order to display YouTube video’s without having to visit the actual website.
  • Metadata: Additional information linked to the video’s on the videoportal.
  • ‘My Media’-page: Personal section of the videoportal where all the video’s you “own” are listed. This section is only accessible by you.
  • Navigation bar: This bar contains the various (sub) categories the university uses to divide the video’s on this website.
  • Playlist: A manually created collection of video’s on the videoportal.
  • Search-bar: You can enter your video search query here. Please check the supplier website for more information on the search-behavior of the videoportal: https://knowledge.kaltura.com/faq/kaltura-search-engine-media-metadata-and-timeline-search-behavior-and-commands
  • Site-header: The siteheader is always visible on top of the website and contains the logo of University Leiden as well as the navigation bar, search bar, add (video) button and the usermenu.
  • Terms of use: Whilst using the videoportal you are required to accept the terms of use as set forth here: https://www.library.universiteitleiden.nl/using-the-library/service-for-teaching-staff/video-services
  • Thumbnail: Miniature example of a photo.
  • Usermenu: Through this menu you are able to login and navigate to your media, playlists and channels.
  • Video-file: A video-file is a file-format that contains motion picture. For more information on accepted file-formats check the site of our supplier: https://knowledge.kaltura.com/faq/what-are-supported-transcoding-formats-saas-edition
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