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Un-publish video’s

It may happen that you would like to stop sharing a video. In this chapter we will explain how you can retract a video.

  • Click on ‘My Media’ in the user-menu.

  • Select the video’s you would like to un-publish by ticking the boxes in front of the applicable video’s (Shown by the arrows in the example below).

  • Click on the ‘Actions’ menu to expand it (on the right hand side of the ‘My Media’-page).
  • Click on ‘+ Publish’ within the expanded ‘Actions’-menu. | NB: un-publishing works through the same button as publishing a video!

  • Remove the tick for the channels you wish to un-publish the video’s for.
    • Or click on ‘Private’ to un-publish the video for everyone except yourself.

  • Click ‘Save’ to save your new settings. | NB: If you chose ‘Private’ or when you removed the video from the only channel it was linked to you will receive the following notification:

  • Click ‘Ok’ to confirm.

  • When un-publishing was successful a green information-bar will appear.

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