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Embedding videos

To embed a video on an external website you must first publish it to a public channel.

To create a public channel please contact the video coordinator for your faculty as only they can set a channel to be public.

After setting the channel to ‘Public’ you can go to the video in ‘My Media’ and open the video page by clicking on the title.

You can find the ‘Share’ tab below the video, please open this tab.

In the ‘Share’ options you can choose to place a link to the video (with optional set start and end position). This option will not show a preview or player of the video.

When you choose ‘Embed’ on the extra menu below ‘Share’, you get the option to show the video in a player on your website.

The options for ‘Embed’ involve setting a start- and endpoint for the video as well as a default ‘Player Size’ and the option to make the player change size according to the browser window with ‘Responsive Sizing’.

When you are ready to set up your choice of video copy the text below the ‘Link to Media Page’ and ‘Embed’ tabs and copy this into your website’s HTML code or in the ‘Text’ tab of your WordPress page.

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