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1. Logging in

In this chapter you will be shown how to log into the videoportal.

  • Navigate to: https://video.leidenuniv.nl/.
  • On top of the website you will find the “site-header” which will always be on top of any page.

  • In the right-hand corner of the site-header you will find the search-bar (“search”), the “Add New” button and the user menu (“Anonymous”).
  • Click on the user-menu (“Gues”) to view the menu options.
  • Click on the menu-option “Login” | NB: You will be redirected to the ULCN login page.

  • Enter your username and password in the next screen and click “Login”. | NB: The first time you login you will get the following notification: “The Service Provider being authenticated has requested account federation with this site…” You will have to accept this request by pressing “Yes”.

  • Now that you are logged in you will see your own last-name, initials followed by “University Leiden” instead of “Anonymous”. | NB: It may happen that it will initially show your ULCN account-name rather than your last-name. This will be corrected within several minutes.
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