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During the recording process you are able to annotate your presentation or image by means of drawing, create pointers and writing on screen. This chapter explains how to do this.

  • To draw or write on the screen, a recording must first be started. Click the ‘Start Recording’ button
  • Now that a recording has started, you can click on the white pen icon on the right in the recording controls
  • A new popup opens with various controls for making annotations on screen
  • The pointer is enabled by default (see blue circle around the pointer)
  • Select the ‘Draw’ button to draw on the screen
    • This option allows you to draw on screen freely
  • Select the ‘Arrow’ button to draw arrows on the screen
    • Arrows on screen can be used to point something out on screen
  • Select the ‘Text’ button to write on the screen
    • This option allows you to add comments to what you are showing your audience.
  • There are various options to adjust your annotation:
    • Color picker: choose what color your annotation will be
    • Size slider: choose what size the annotation will appear
    • Clear: Clear all annotations from the screen
  • Finally we have the ‘Select’ option:
    • This option allows the user to drag annotations across the screen
    • Once selected you can choose to delete the currently selected annotation by pressing the delete or backspace button on your keyboard
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