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Full screen recording

Whilst making a full screen recording in Kaltura Capture we have found it also records the tool itself. There are several ways to deal with this behaviour which we will explain below.

First off we need to ask you if you truly need to create a full screen recording. Most of the time a selection of the screen is all one needs and Kaltura Capture is able to create selections of the screen as shown below (press on the arrow sign next to the screen icon to expand the options and select ‘Select Area’.

Of course there are situations where you have to record the full screen (for instance with Powerpoint Presentations).

In such cases there are several options.

For a simple full screen recording without the use of the annotation tools please click on “Manage” in the bottom right of the Kaltura Capture application. 

  • In the new screen press on the cogwheel icon to open the Settings menu (the middle icon in the side menu on the left of the screen).
  • In the Settings menu please select “Yes” for the “Auto minimize when recording” option.
  • Press ‘Save’ in the right hand corner of this screen

The app will now automatically minimize itself when you start recording!

When finishing a presentation you will have to manually open the recorder from the toolbar or system tray in order to stop the recording.

When you want to record in full screen mode but also want to use the annotation tools the following options are available:

The first option being that if you have two screens available you place the Kaltura Capture tool on the screen that is not to be recorded. This option is also best when you need to use the annotation tools and the only version in which the tool is currently not being recorded.

If you don’t have several screens available to you the following options are left:

  • Minimalize the tool manually by pressing on the – icon in the far right corner of the tool as soon as you have hit the record button. This option is only valid when you plan on not using the annotation tool.
    • When you are done recording you have to maximize the tool again by double clicking on the tool in the taskbar.
    • After you are done recording and have uploaded the video to our videoportal you can remove the first and last few seconds of the video to ensure you do not have the tool being minimized or maximized on screen. Of course if this is what you plan to do, also plan for a few extra seconds of silence in the intro and outro of the video

We have asked Kaltura to look into hiding the tool automatically again or for the tool not to be recorded whilst recording but this is something they will have to find a solution for and will therefor take a while. We are sorry for any inconvenience!

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