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14. Important notifications

Throughout this manual, there have been mentions of important information through the following method.

The most important of these will be repeated below. This list is based on the order of appearance.

  • NB: The first time you log in you will get the following notification: “The Service Provider being authenticated has requested account federation with this site…” You will have to accept this request by pressing “Yes”.
  • NB: All media you add will initially only be available in your own section of the videoportal. This section can be found under “My Media” in the user menu.
  • NB: Accepting the terms of use is required in order to upload videos to the videoportal.
  • NB: Only video coordinators can share videos outside of the videoportal. Please contact them to your videos outside of the video portal.
  • NB: Please read the information given in the blue, green or orange information bars on the site. These bars provide information on the success or failure of an action.
  • NB: Unpublishing a video is done with the same button as publishing a video.
  • NB: The difference between ‘(Required)’ and ‘* Required To Publish’ is that the first is required to upload a video and the second to be able to share that video with other users.
  • NB: All comments made prior to disabling comments will remain in the system but won’t be shown or searchable.
  • NB: If you have any questions remaining concerning the videoportal, please contact the ISSC helpdesk (tel: 8888 or mail: helpdesk@issc.leidenuniv.nl).

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