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Getting to the editing screen

To get to the editing screen you can follow the following steps:

  • When you’ve just finished the previous chapter click on the pen icon to start editing
  • If you’re returning to a video in order to edit the caption follow these steps:
    • Click on the user menu and select ‘My Media’

    • Choose ‘Captions Requests’ from the actions menu (below the video). A new section will appear

    • In the new section click on the pen icon

After selecting the pen icon a new window will load (the Closed Captions Editor)

  • The screen (see image above) consists of:
    • ‘Language selector’
    • ‘Search and replace’
      • Type in what you want to search in the left input field. If you want to replace the found selection you can type the replacement word in the right input field and press on the then highlighted “Replace” button
    • ‘Add Speaker input’ field (the button will highlight as soon as you’ve selected one or more captions in the list below)
    • List of captions with:
      • Selectors in front of each detected sentence
      • Start and end times for the caption
      • The detected text
    • To the right of the list of captions is the preview screen (which automatically skips to the right starting point as long as autoscroll is turned on
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