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Add captions

In this chapter will be explained how to create and add captions to your video:

  • Click on the user menu to expand it
  • Select ‘My Media’

  • Choose a video to add captions
  • Choose ‘Captions Requests’ from the actions menu (on the right hand side below the video)

  • A new section will appear

  • Choose the appropriate spoken¬†language in the language selector. Currently Dutch and English are available. |¬†NB: Not selecting the spoken language will make it impossible for the system to create correct captions
  • After you have chosen the appropriate¬†spoken language in the selector please click ‘Submit’ to add your request to the queue
  • A new section will appear which shows the request is pending and the blue bar below tells you the captions will automatically be uploaded to your video upon completion. This screen will not automatically refresh when the status updates to ‘Completed’
    • Processing time is on average twice the length of a video when longer than 15 minutes
    • We recommend you close this screen during the processing time

  • When processing finishes the status will change to ‘completed’
  • You can now choose to review captions of the video by pressing play after refreshing the page. Click the ‘Closed Caption’ (cc) button on the bottom right of the video
  • To start editing the captions, click the pen icon.

Important note:
Whilst the automatically generated captions are fairly accurate these will not be perfect and therefore always need to be manually corrected checked for the best result.

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