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7. Creating captions

Captions in short are the written version of speech in a video and were developed in order to aid people with a hearing impairment and should not be mistaken for subtitles which are meant to provide translation for the spoken word.

Creating captions will also aid in the search-ability of your content as all available text can be ‘crawled’ through by search-engines making your content more visible to the rest of the world in form of adding every word as a tag. If you don’t want a specific word to show up in searches you will have to manually remove it from the tags.

That said creating captions will help make your videos accessible and discoverable to everyone and we would therefor like to recommend using this feature.

Processing time for captions on your video is approximately twice the duration of your video. This means that for a video that takes 20 minutes, the system will be working for approximately 40 minutes before you can start editing the captions! To be safe however always take into account a minimum of 30 minutes processing time.

Automatically generated captions need to be manually checked on errors in both spelling as interpunction.

NB: This process is only available for videos you own!

P.s. If the language you would like to make captions for is not available please contact us.


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