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On the ‘Details’ tab, the following settings can be adjusted:


  • Change the name of your channel. | NB: This is a required field


  • Change the description of your channel


  • Add tags to make your channel easier to find through the search bar


  • Adjust the visibility of your channel. | NB: Only faculty video coordinators can adjust this option for you. Please contact your faculty video coordinator


  • Tick the box at ‘Moderate content (Media will not appear in channel until approved by channel manager)’ to require all video’s that are added to this channel to be checked before they become available. | NB: This option is useful when you have given various users permission to add video’s to your channel
  • Tick the box at ‘Enable comments in channel’ if you wish to allow comments globally on your channel. Uncheck this option if you wish to globally disable comments for all media etc. on your channel. | NB: No tick means NO comments for all video’s on this channel. When ticked you can disable comments for each video individually
  • Tick the box at ‘Keep comments private to channel’ to make comments only visible to users who have access to your channel
  • Tick the box at ‘Enable subscription to channel’ to allow users to subscribe to your channel in order for them to receive updates on changes and new additions to your channel. | NB: Subscribers get a notification when there is new content on your channel

Channel Topics

  • Choose a ‘Channel Topic’ if you wish for your channel to be found by theme on the ‘Channels’ page
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