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5. Adding Hotspots

You have probably already seen them in videos on YouTube or elsewhere whilst watching a video. Sometime during a video some extra information or a link to purchase an item shows up somewhere on screen that. Those are what we call hotspots.

Videos uploaded to our videoportal also support this feature and it is really easy to use.

  • To start adding hotspots first choose a video from ‘My Media’.

  • From the actions menu (below your video on the right) choose ‘Launch Editor’.

  • On the left of the new video editor screen choose the third icon from the menu (when you hover over it it will show this is the Hotspots icon).

  • In the new ‘Hotspots’ screen first choose when you want your hotspot to appear in your video on the timeline. You can do so by:
    • Pressing on the preview window at the moment you want the hotspot to appear (which will also determine where the hotspot will initially appear).

    • Pressing play in the miniature player and press ‘Add Hotspot’ when you want the hotspot to appear.

    • Clicking somewhere in the timeline to add the hotspot there by pressing ‘Add Hotspot’.

    • Drag the marker in the timeline to a appropriate moment and pressing ‘Add Hotspot’.

  • After you added a hotspot the following window will appear:

  • For a basic text or simple link this screen might be enough but generally we would recommend opening the ‘Advanced Settings’ and editing the hotspot from there as this allows you to also customize the look of the hotspot.

  • Through the ‘advanced settings’ menu we can of course add a text to the hotspot, an optional link but also change the style of the hotspot.
    • By clicking on the ‘color picker’ box behind ‘Text Color & Style’ you can adjust the color of the text as well as the opacity (making the text solid or see through).
    • By clicking on the pulldown menu behind the ‘color picker’ you can choose to change the appearance of your text to be Bold, Thin or Normal.
    • Changing the text size will give the opportunity to make your text smaller or larger depending on your wishes.
    • Changing the ‘Roundness’ will make the hotspot border more rounded.
    • Changing the background color can make your hotspot stand out or blend in.
    • Of course you can also adjust the size of the hotspot by simply dragging one of the points any which direction you like.
  • Once you are done editing the hotspot press done.

  • Now that we’ve added the hotspot it now shows up in a list to the left of the preview window and it should be selected by default.

  • By adjusting the yellow bar that appears below the preview screen by dragging either end of it after selecting a hotspot you can change its duration.

  • You can also choose to edit, duplicate or delete the hotspot by pressing the ‘More’ option (indicated by the three gray dots) at the right of the hotspot.

  • When you are done adding/editing hotspots press save in the top right corner of the window.

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