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5. Adding Hotspots

A Hotspot is a piece of additional information or a link somewhere in the video on the screen. Videos on our video portal also support this feature and it is very easy to use.

  • To add a hotspot, first choose a video from ‘My Media’

  • In the ‘actions’ menu, choose ‘Launch Editor’

  • On the left of the video editor screen, choose the third icon from the menu (when you hover over it it will show this is the ‘Hotspots’ icon

  • In the new ‘Hotspots’ screen, first choose when you want your hotspot to appear in your video on the timeline. You can do so by:
    • Clicking on the preview window at the moment you want the hotspot to appear (which will also determine where the hotspot will initially appear)

    • Clicking play in the miniature player and press ‘Add Hotspot’ when you want the hotspot to appear

    • Clicking somewhere in the timeline to add the hotspot, by pressing ‘Add Hotspot’.

    • Drag the marker in the timeline to the appropriate moment and click ‘Add Hotspot’

  • After you’ve added a hotspot, the following window will appear:

  • For a basic text or simple link this screen might be enough
  • In the ‘Advanced Settings’ you can edit the hotspot and also customize the look of the hotspot

  • Once you are done editing the hotspot press ‘Done’

  • Now that we’ve added the hotspot, it shows up in a list to the left of the preview window and it should be selected by default

  • By adjusting the yellow bar that appears below the preview screen you can change its duration by dragging both ends of it, after selecting a hotspot

  • You can also choose to edit, duplicate or delete the hotspot by pressing the ‘More’ option (indicated by the three gray dots) at the right of the hotspot

  • When you are done adding/editing hotspots click ‘save’ in the top right corner of the window

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