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9. Add videos to a playlist

In this chapter, an explanation will be given on how to add a video to a playlist. A playlist can be useful when you want to have an overview of specific videos shared on the video portal. | NB: YouTube-video’s cannot be added to a playlist.

  • Tick the boxes in front of the applicable video’s in the ‘My Media’ list you wish to add to a playlist.

  • Click on the (‘Action’) menu on the right-hand side of the video player
  • Click on the ‘+Add to playlist’-button in the expanded menu

  • Enter a name for your new playlist

  • Click on the ‘Create’ button next to the playlist name to create the playlist

  • The new playlist will be selected after you clicked ‘create’
  • Click on the ‘Save’-button to add the selected videos to the recently created and automatically selected playlist

  • If the video was successfully added a green information bar will appear (‘Now your selected media is part of the selected playlist(s).’).

  • Click on ‘Go To My Playlist’ to go to your playlists

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