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Analytics, files and attendance

Session Stats
Chat History

There are analytics, overviews of all files and attendance statistics available for your rooms. These options are all available through an external link. To use these option follow these steps:

  • After having been in a Live Room you can go to the external link and you will be taken directly to the overview of all your courses.
    • If you haven’t been in a Live Room recently we advise you to go to a Live Room first before you go to the external link.
  • Once logged into the external website you will see a familiar black taskbar with three main tabs.
    • Courses (this is the opened tab by default).
    • Files.
    • Session Stats.


When you click on a ‘Tile’ in the ‘Courses’ tab you are taken to the ‘Course’ (sub-)tab. This is the same as the ‘On Demand Course‘ chapter and as such this will not be explained again in this manual.

Do not, under any circumstance set any files in the ‘On Demand Course’ tab to allow for them to be downloaded (this due to copyright law)!


The second (sub-)tab is the ‘Quizzes’ tab. This provides an overview of all quizzes created within a course and allows new quizzes to be made. Due to most of this having already been explained in the Quizzes sub-chapter we will only talk about the additional features in the ‘Result’ tab.

  • Go to the ‘Results’ tab (as shown below)

In the ‘Results’ pane you can see a global overview of the quizzes that have been taken in the course but it is more interesting to go into the results for a quiz to see more useful information:

  • Select a Quiz result you wish to see more details on by clicking on the name of the quiz.
  • A New pane will open with a few important statistics in main view (as shown below).
  • In the statistics view as shown above you can see how many people took the quiz, what their results were and how long it took to finish the quiz on average.
  • When you press on the ‘Average score’ button on the top right you will be able to see the average score detailed per question.
  • When you press the ‘Export’ button you will get a .CSV file with in it the results for each participant including the answers for open questions!

You can also view individual results just like in the Live Room Quizzes tab itself by pressing on the name of the participant in the Results pane.


In the ‘Files’ tab you can view all files that have been uploaded to your courses by yourself and any assistants etc. You can also prepare your Live Room files here rather than from within the actual Live Room.

  • Click on the name or a Live Room you wish to add, edit or delete files and folders in.
  • Simply follow the steps as described in the ‘The Files Pane‘ subchapter.

Session Stats

The ‘Session Stats’ tab allows you to access analytic statistics for your courses and sessions and export these. This pane opens with ‘Session Stats’ for all courses in the last seven days plus the current day set.

  • In the ‘All Courses’ drop-down menu you are able to select one or multiple courses you wish to see the ‘stats’ for.
  • In the field to the right of the ‘All Courses’ drop-down you can select the date range using the selectors as shown below.

After selecting if you wish to see all courses or a set of courses (or just one) and a date range you can see the global statistics for that selection.

  • Sessions shows how many sessions were had within the selected date range.
  • Students shows the total amount of students that attended the sessions.
  • Total Class Hours shows the total amount of hours sessions were had.

Below the global statistics there is a list of the sessions you had in the selected date range and can see a bit more specific information of those sessions:

  • Session (name).
  • Students (amount of students attending, this does not count anyone with moderator/manager rights in a channel or assistant-teacher/lecturer rights in a LMS).
  • Duration (of the session).
  • Start (date and time of the session).
  • End (date and time of the session).
  • Rec (recorded yes or no).

When you click on a specific session you can see additional statistics for that session.

  • Name (of participants, list does include all roles).
  • Role (of the participant).
  • Email (this does not show the actual participants email addresses!).
  • Joined (the session at).
  • Left (the session at).
  • Duration (of their visit to your session).
  • Attendance (how much of their visit to your session was the browser tab with the live room active).

With the export button in the session statistics you will get a .xlsx file which can be directly opened in Excel and contains the above statistics except for the participant role!

Chat History

In the ‘Chat History’ pane you can read through and export the chat history for that session.

Please be aware that exporting chat should not be done without careful consideration of the GDPR law and consent of participants is generally required!

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