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14. Kaltura Live Room

Minimum hardware requirements
Minimum internet requirements
Hardware and internet recommendations
Tablets and phones
iOS iphones and ipads
Android phones and tablets

Kaltura Live Room is a great application that allows you to host a webinar or weblecture with up to 150 students in a live setting with powerful tools such as whiteboards, file hosting, powerpoint support, quizzes, breakout rooms, desktop sharing and more and this all with a recording option as well.

We have options to host a live class for up to 200 students but this is by rare exception only and will have to be reviewed on a case to case basis but we urge you to either hold separate classes or to record the class to the first group that joins and provide a link afterwards to the others. But, if it is absolutely necessary to have more participants this is possible upon reviewed request.

Please follow the following sub-chapters to create and host a Kalture Meeting Experience room.

Minimum hardware requirements:

  • MacOS Mojave or Windows 7.
  • Browser (up to date): Chrome, FireFox, Edge.
  • Pentium 4 or more modern SSE2 capable processor.
  • 1Gb of RAM.
  • A Surface PRO 2 or Surface PRO 3 will also work!

Minimum internet requirements:

First and foremost we highly recommend connecting to the internet through a physical connection rather than through WiFi. This due to the fact there are a lot of external factors that can make WiFi unreliable for high throughput live sessions. Below is a list of minimum requirements to participate in a Live Room session. For a host we recommend to have at least double the requirements below.

  • Participate with webcam and microphone: 2 Mbps upload, 2 Mbps download
  • Participate with microphone: 1.5Mbps upload, 2 Mbps download
  • Participate without webcam or microphone: 1 Mbps upload, 2 Mbps download

You can check your active internet connection through:

Because you are broadcasting it is also important to check your sustained upload speed. You can check your sustained upload speed here (test for at least 2 minutes):

Hardware and internet recommendations:

  • MacOS Mojave or Windows 10 (up to date).
  • Browser (up to date): Chrome, FireFox, Edge.
  • Minimum two core CPU with four threads. Higher is always better
  • 8 GB of RAM. Higher is always better.
  • Wired internet connection.
  • Minimum 4 Mbps sustained upload\download connection.
    • Test your upload speed here. Let the test run for at least 2 minutes.

Tablets and phones:

Whilst we do not recommend using the tool with a tablet or smartphone, due to the limited user experience you will receive, the following devices are supported:

iOS (iPhones and iPads)

To use Newrow Smart on iPhone, you’ll need:

  • iPhone 5S or later
  • Safari
  • iOS 11 or later

To use Newrow Smart on iPad, you’ll need:

  • iPad Mini 3, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad (2017) or later
  • Safari
  • iOS 11 or later

Android (phones and tablets)

To use Newrow Smart on Android phones or tablets, you’ll need:

  • Android 4.0 or later
  • Chrome

If any problems occur please visit the troubleshoot sub-chapter where we will keep a FAQ with possible problems and solutions.


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