New sharing option: Unlisted Sharing

Today we will release a new option to share your media. The option is called ‘Unlisted Sharing’ and contrary to publishing media to a channel or category this media does not have to be linked in such a way.

Another feature of unlisted sharing is that media shared through this method is not searchable by any of the crawlers of search engines like Google. This means that only the people who have access to your link because it was given to them will know where to go.

However, obviously, these types of links can be found by sheer guesswork or ‘hacking’ and as such this is not a way to share sensitive content.

Another feature of unlisted sharing is that content shared this way is publicly viewable without logging in using a ULCN login. Anyone who gets the link has access to the content!

Whilst we love this option we also must stress that sharing content as unlisted requires careful thought when it comes to both copyright as well as GDPR. For this reason we would like to ask you to read our terms and conditions as well as the below text which is part of the disclaimer when you add new videos to the platform:

Students and employees of Leiden University may upload videos on Kaltura. Only upload videos that you made or that you are authorized to use. You must own the copyright to your video or hold permissions from the copyright holders.

It is permitted to use Kaltura to show licensed videos in the classroom during a lecture or tutorial, when security is set to show the video only in the classroom (i.e. video is set to ‘private’ \ ‘not published’).

It is not allowed to upload medical video recordings on Kaltura without the written consent of the patients. Uploading video recordings of minors is only permitted with prior written consent of the minor’s parents or carers.

If you believe your copyright-protected work was posted on Kaltura without authorization, you can send an e-mail message to:

Leiden University expressly disclaims all liability for damages in any way resulting from or in connection with the use of videos on Kaltura.

We’ve updated our manuals with a how to on publishing unlisted videos. You can find them in Dutch and in English.

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