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Due to the Corona (CoViD-19) crisis the Centre For Innovation has made a great effort to provide teachers with a clear, consistent and consolidated guide to correctly leveraging the growing amount of digital teaching tools we have at Leiden University. Please follow the link to learn more about Teaching Support and the different digital teaching tools at Leiden University:


When in doubt, contact the IT servicedesk!


We understand that navigating the University video systems and services can sometimes be a bit daunting. With this blog we hope to make a number of things a little less confusing. Please come back frequently to read up on new system functionality, procedures and other updates.

When in doubt, contact the IT servicedesk! They will register your call and make sure your request or question reaches the correct person. You can get in contact with them by phone (071 527 8888) or by email (helpdesk@issc.leidenuniv.nl).

If the IT servicedesk cannot help you straight away they will forward you request to a faculty video coordinator. This person is in charge of handling all the Kaltura and weblecture related requests for their faculty.

Please refer to this list to see who your faculty’s video coordinator is.

New sharing option: Unlisted Sharing

Today we will release a new option to share your media. The option is called ‘Unlisted Sharing’ and contrary to publishing media to a channel or category this media does not have to be linked in such a way.

Another feature of unlisted sharing is that media shared through this method is not searchable by any of the crawlers of search engines like Google. This means that only the people who have access to your link because it was given to them will know where to go.

However, obviously, these types of links can be found by sheer guesswork or ‘hacking’ and as such this is not a way to share sensitive content.

Another feature of unlisted sharing is that content shared this way is publicly viewable without logging in using a ULCN login. Anyone who gets the link has access to the content!

Whilst we love this option we also must stress that sharing content as unlisted requires careful thought when it comes to both copyright as well as GDPR. For this reason we would like to ask you to read our terms and conditions as well as the below text which is part of the disclaimer when you add new videos to the platform:

Students and employees of Leiden University may upload videos on Kaltura. Only upload videos that you made or that you are authorized to use. You must own the copyright to your video or hold permissions from the copyright holders.

It is permitted to use Kaltura to show licensed videos in the classroom during a lecture or tutorial, when security is set to show the video only in the classroom (i.e. video is set to ‘private’ \ ‘not published’).

It is not allowed to upload medical video recordings on Kaltura without the written consent of the patients. Uploading video recordings of minors is only permitted with prior written consent of the minor’s parents or carers.

If you believe your copyright-protected work was posted on Kaltura without authorization, you can send an e-mail message to: video@sea.leidenuniv.nl

Leiden University expressly disclaims all liability for damages in any way resulting from or in connection with the use of videos on Kaltura.

We’ve updated our manuals with a how to on publishing unlisted videos. You can find them in Dutch and in English.

Closed Captions reimagined

Dear reader, a lot has happened with our closed captioning system. Not only did we recently add new languages such as Hindi, Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, Spanish and German with French being activated soon as well we have revamped the look for our captions to be more easily readable and to comply with best practices for closed captioning.

We have changed the background color to match the university blue and made the font white and a lot larger. This should help readability.

To enable captions (when available) simply click on the CC button in the toolbar below the video and choose the available language.

We are also looking into enabling subtitling in the near future.

CaptureSpace is out, welcome Kaltura Capture!

CaptureSpace support has officially ended and will no longer publish to our server!

We released Kaltura Capture last month as its replacement and urge everyone to switch over to this application.

We do however found that one thing works significantly different from CaptureSpace and want to address this here until this behaviour is changed.

This concerns full screen recording!

Whilst making a full screen recording in CaptureSpace the application hid itself in your taskbar, Kaltura Capture does not and is recorded along with everything else you see on your screen. There are several ways to deal with this which we will explain below.

First off we need to ask you if you truly need to create a full screen recording. Most of the time a selection of the screen is all one needs and Kaltura Capture is able to create selections of the screen as shown below (press on the arrow sign next to the screen icon to expand the options and select ‘Select Area’.

Of course there are situations where you have to record the full screen (for instance with Powerpoint Presentations).

In such cases there are several options.

The first option being that if you have two screens available you place the Kaltura Capture tool on the screen that is not to be recorded. This option is also best when you need to use the annotation tools and the only version in which the tool is currently not being recorded.

If you don’t have several screens available to you the following options are left:

  • Minimalize the tool manually by pressing on the – icon in the far right corner of the tool as soon as you have hit the record button. This option is only valid when you plan on not using the annotation tool.
    • When you are done recording you have to maximize the tool again by double clicking on the tool in the taskbar.
    • After you are done recording and have uploaded the video to our videoportal you can remove the first and last few seconds of the video to ensure you do not have the tool being minimized or maximized on screen. Of course if this is what you plan to do, also plan for a few extra seconds of silence in the intro and outro of the video

We have asked Kaltura to look into hiding the tool automatically again or for the tool not to be recorded whilst recording but this is something they will have to find a solution for and will therefor take a while. We are sorry for any inconvenience!

New Feature: Interactive Video

We have been releasing a lot of new features on our portal but this one takes the cake!

We are proud to have released the Interactive Video option.

Interactive Video allows you to create videos through which you can link several videos together in order to create a more seamless experience for learning, marketing and other goals.

It also allows you to link to content outside of the video through the use of hotspots.

By creatively using this tool you can create an interactive video that would guide a person through several videos whilst also asking questions in the video where the user can answer by pressing on hotspots. Is the hotspot incorrectly chosen you can guide him or her to additional explanations on the subject or towards the start of the topic.

The biggest advantage is that it keeps users on their toes, they cannot simply sit back and enjoy the ride, they have to engage the content which has been proven to improve susceptibility to said content.

We wish you happy editing!

Follow the link for information on how to use the tool in Dutch and English.

New Feature: Hotspots!

Dear all,

Just before we all head home for the weekend we have added a new feature to the videoportal.

This new feature is the ‘Hotspot’.

Hotspots allow the owner of a video to add additional information (with or without a link), a link to third party sources, a purchase link or other information to an already existing video. This could possibly increase engagement with the video, your product and/or help your viewers understand what you are trying to convey.

As per usual we added guides on how to use the new option in Dutch and English.

Replacement Feature: Captions with ‘Reach’

Today we have released another replacement feature. This time it concerns the creation and editing process for captions.

The new system in place is called ‘Reach’ and is a lot easier to use and much more accurate in creating captions.

Another advantage of this system is that it makes the searchability for your videos higher. Which means that you possibly could get more views.

We have written a new guide on how to use the system, you can find it here in both Dutch and English.

Replacement Feature: Webcam Recording

Dear users,

We are happy to announce that today we have implemented the new version of the webcam recordings module.

The new version is fully HTML5 based and is much easier in use than before and provides the options to save the recording on your computer or to your ‘My Media’ folder on the videoportal.

You can find the manuals for the new version here: Dutch and English

Aside from this change we are working on releasing several exciting new features, do make sure to check in the coming weeks as we will have a lot to share with you!

Happy recording!