Leiden University has adopted a Provisional Regulation for Data Management. It is temporary while all faculties are in the process of elaborating the details of the Regulation for their own research institutes. Main general requirements are :

  • all research projects must have a data management plan before they start
  • research data must be stored securely during research
  • after the project research data must be managed in such a way that they are findable, accessible, assessable, re-usable and sustainable
  • data must be archived according to international guidelines for at least 10 years

These stipulations follow the main funders requirements. For the moment the Regulation is only available in Dutch.

Voorlopige regeling datamanagement Universiteit Leiden_vastgesteld CvB 17-03-2015

On April 19, 2016 the final regulation has been adopted by the University Board :

Regeling Datamanagement Universiteit Leiden_def