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Upload videofile

  • Click on the “Add New” button on the right-hand side of the site-header to view the menu-options.
  • Click on “Media Upload” to upload a video-file from your computer or smartphone.

  • In the following screen you will be asked to accept the terms of use. | NB: Accepting the terms of use is required in order to upload video’s to the videoportal.

  • Tick the ‘I agree to the above terms and conditions’ box. | NB: You cannot undo the ticking of the box!
  • After ticking the box a new portion of the website (“Upload Media”) will appear.
  • Click on “+ Choose a file to upload”.

  • Choose a file to upload.

  • After choosing a file to upload a progress-bar will appear.

  • Various metadata fields can be filled underneath the progress-bar. This information will be linked to your video when the upload completes.
  • Available fields are:
    1. Name (required)
    2. Description (required)
    3. Tags (optional)
    4. Faculty (optional)
    5. Language (optional)
    6. Creative Commons (optional)
    7. Other Copyright License (optional)
  • For now entering the required fields is sufficient. | NB: Video’s without the “name” and/or “description” field entered cannot be shared.
    • If you are uploading a 360 video please enter ‘360’ as a tag in the Tags field.

  • Upon completion a green information-bar appears (“Upload Completed! Complete the required information for the uploaded media below”).

  • Scroll to the bottom of the web-page and click “Save”.

  • Saving a file might take a while. If the page requires additional time to save a progress bar will appear:

  • When saving was successful a green information-bar appears (“Your changes have been saved”). Additionally the page will relay if there is any missing info (orange box) as well as if and how the video was published.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the middle button “Go To Media” to go to the uploaded video directly.

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