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Edit captions

Having followed the previous subchapter you should be ready to start editing (please check if the ‘Play Until End of Sentence’ button was selected).

To start editing captions select the first of the captions on the left hand column (we will be assuming there is an error to edit in this box). | NB: note the video skipping to the appropriate moment as well as the text in the yellow box changing to the selected caption.

  • First turn on both the Timestamps as the Speaker ID’s:
    • Click on the ‘Hamburger’-menu button left to the filter.

    • Select Timestamps.
    • Select Speaker ID’s.
    • (both Timestamps as Speaker ID’s should show highlighted in blue in the menu).

  • Next we will select the first caption in the caption column (it should highlight yellow). | NB: Note that the start and end timestamps are visible here as well as a speaker ID, in this case ‘Unknown’.

  • Edit the text in the box below the video if required.
  • Writing a dot in a sentence in this box will create a new caption at that moment on the timeline.

  • Now it is time to give the speaker a name. Click on the blue ‘Unknown’ field below the video and select ‘Add New Speaker’

  • The icon next to the ‘Unknown’ button now highlights as red and the text in the button for ‘Unknown’ has changed into ‘Add New Speaker’. Click on the red icon.

  • A popup appears, select Speaker 1 and click ‘Clear Speaker’.

  • All Speaker ID’s below this caption have now also changed to ‘Speaker 1’, this feature was added to not have to change the speaker for each caption as most of the speaker only changes after several sentences and this should only happen when the captions below the one you are editing haven’t been assigned to a speaker yet.
  • To change the name for ‘Speaker 1’ and perhaps add additional names click on the ‘Speakers’ tab below ‘Help’.

  • You can now change the name for ‘Speaker 1’ and assign a gender.

  • Assign additional speakers as required by pressing the Add New Speaker button.
  • If the timestamp is off adjust it by entering the correct start or end times in the fields left of the caption. Use the video controls below the video to check for the correct timing.

  • Another method of adjusting the timing of captions is by using the ‘Timing Mode’.
    • Click on the button as shown in the image below (called “Timing Mode’ when you hover over the button).

    • The controls below the video button turns are changed and the ‘Timing Mode’ button turns red.

    • Another change that happens is that the end and start time edit fields disappear around the text edit field and that a explanation bar appears (in red, see below).

    • Whilst using the ‘Timing Mode’ the ‘Play Until End of Video’ setting is recommended for this tool.
    • To use the ‘Timing Mode’ press play to start editing and press space every time a sentence starts and when a sentence ends. | NB: This tool works by adjusting the start and end time of the existing automatically created captions, it does not create new captions!
    • When you are done press the ‘Esc’ button on your keyboard.

Repeat the above process for every caption that requires editing and for every time a speaker changes from A. to B. etc.

Aren’t ready with your work but do you need to finish up for the day? Press ‘Save’.

Are you finished working on the captions? Press Approve! This will save and submit the new captions to the video.

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