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Add captions

  • Click on the user-menu to expand it.
  • Select ‘My Media’.

  • Choose a video to add captions to and wait for it to load.
  • Choose ‘Order Captions’ From the actions menu (below the video). A new section will appear!

  • Choose the appropriate spoken language in the language selector. | NB: Not selecting the spoken language will make it impossible for the system to create correct captions!

  • After you have chosen the appropriate spoken language in the selector please press ‘Order Captions’ to add your request to the queue.
  • A new section will appear which tells you the request is being authorized after which it will be added to the queue. | NB: This screen does not refresh on its own, to refresh the screen and update the status of the request press the blue button below ‘Refresh list: CLICK HERE to see all caption requests for this media’.

  • When the authorization finishes it will receive the ‘Pending’ status, this means the video has been added to the queue and will be processed by the system.

  • When the system is done and the video is ready for review or edit the following is shown.

  • You can now choose to review the video by pressing play after refreshing the page (don’t forget to press the ‘Closed Caption’ Button (CC) on the bottom right of the video!) or to immediately go and edit the captions by pressing ‘Edit’.

NB: Manually going to the ‘caption requests’ page will result in a empty list until the video is done with processing! 

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