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4. Creating captions (deprecated)

In this chapter explanation will be given on how to add captions to a video.

Captions in short are the written version of what is spoken in the video and were developed in order to aid people with a hearing impairment whilst subtitles are intended for use by people who do not natively speak the language of the medium.

Creating captions will also aid in the searchability of your content as all available text will be ‘crawled’ through by search-engines making your content more visible to the rest of the world.

That said creating captions will help make your video’s accessible to everyone and we would therefor like to recommend using this feature.

Processing time for captions on your video is approximately 5 times the duration of your video. So for a video that takes 8 minutes, the system will be working for approximately 40 minutes before you can start editing the captions!

NB: This process is only available for video’s you own!

For more detailed information on the difference between captions and subtitles please visit this explanation given by our service provider:


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