January 2019 Update

Many improvements for the Leiden University Libraries’ Catalogue this month!

Here is a short overview of what is new:

  • “Download PDF directly”
    • You can now directly download PDFs coming from many major publishers, without navigating to their website first.
      • This is a “beta”. We will monitor usage and users response to choose wether to keep this option or not.
Leiden University - Download PDF directly

The new buttons to download PDFs directly.

  • “Search Other Libraries”
    • We have worked very hard to make sure that requesting books from other libraries will be easier than ever. You will see new links to this service around the catalogue.
  • “Sign in” message
    • To take full advantage of all our Libraries’ resources you must login. This was a little know fact, but now an invitation to sign in will appear more often to make sure users’ do not miss any of the available services or resources.
  • Improved usability on mobile devices and small screens
    • Menu buttons, favorites, and history button would disappear on mobile devices and small screens. This has been fixed.
  • “Citation Trail” (Available in February 2019)
    • You can now easily find links to cited articles and books in the article you are currently reading for many articles on our catalogue.

      Leiden University - Citation Trail

      The new “Citation Trail” buttons.

  • Improved “Renew Selected”  in My Account (Available in February 2019)
    This enhancement adds the ability to renew selected loans from the list with one click in My Account. The following renew options are supported in the Loans tab:

    • RENEW SELECTED (new) – This button appears at the top of the loan list if any but not all loans have been selected in the list. When selected, only the selected loans will be renewed.
    • RENEW ALL (existing) – This button appears at the top of the loan list when there is a single loan in the list, when no loans are selected in the list, and when all of the loans are selected in the list. When selected, it will attempt to renew all loans in the list.
    • RENEW (existing) – This button appears for a loan in the list if it can be renewed. When selected, only that loan will be renewed.
  • Various minor aesthetic changes and bug fixing.
    • These are changes you might not see, but help making the experience on our catalogue even better!

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