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"I Cannot Request Books!"

Symptoms: You select a Library you want your book to be delivered to. After clicking on the library name, the tab goes white and nothing else happens. You click on "Request", nothing happens.


Datamanagement Het beheer van onderzoeksdata is een onmisbaar onderdeel van uw onderzoek. Datamanagement omvat het creëren, opslaan, beveiligen, onderhouden, beschikbaar maken, archiveren en langdur

Place the maps of Leiden University Libraries on their right location!

Maps in the Crowd is back again! Over 300 maps are ready to be georeferenced by you. Everyone who likes it can join by simply log in via email or social media account. By joining this project you help

We are moving...

… our posts to the Digital Scholarship @ Leiden Blog. Please check there for new posts on datamanagement, open access, open science, impact and many more. But don’t worry, this blog will stay in

A new year (2018), a new upload for Leiden Georeferencer!

The project Maps in the Crowd will continue shortly! We've upgraded to the new, expanded and redesigned Georefencer 4 tool and will make new maps from our Leiden Special Collections available for geor