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A new year (2018), a new upload for Leiden Georeferencer!

The project Maps in the Crowd will continue shortly! We've upgraded to the new, expanded and redesigned Georefencer 4 tool and will make new maps from our Leiden Special Collections available for geor

We are moving!

... our posts to the Digital Scholarship @ Leiden Blog. Please check there for new posts on datamanagement, open access, open science, impact and many more. But don't worry, this blog will stay in

New Feature: 360 videos

The Leiden University Kaltura video player now supports 360 videos! How do I use this new feature? Just upload your video the way you usually do. When the system asks you to fill in your metadat

First things first

Hi! My name is Mads and I am the functional manager for Leiden University's Kaltura and weblectures systems. I currently work for the Leiden University Libraries which was put in charge of maintaining

Survey: Do not miss out on the Elsevier Open Access agreement opportunities

During the closing days of 2017 publisher Elsevier is approaching as many as 400 Dutch researchers, who could have published Open Access in 2017 as part of a VSNU deal, but somehow….did not. At t