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How Open Access may boost a promising career

As part of its “Open up to open access” campaign to raise awareness about the deals with publishers mentioned in earlier posts, the VSNU interviewed two Leiden PhD candidates on their views on how

Caribbean maps: 100%!

After just three weeks all our Caribbean maps have been georeferenced! We're very happy with the results and would like to express our gratitude to all volunteers. Maps in the Crowd will return ...

Unpaywall helps you find your way through the Open Access landscape

  Unpaywall is a neat browser extension that will help you find a free version of scientific articles that are otherwise placed behind a paywall. You can add it to Chrome or Firefox, where it

Beware of inset maps!

Our Caribbean project now runs for two weeks and more than 70% of the maps is georeferenced already! We go like a rocket! However, a number of map sheets in this project consist of a general map an

Maps in the Crowd goes Caribbean: new maps available!

Help us georeference our map collection! After successfully georeferencing  a large part of our digitized maps we have launched a new phase! We have added a set of 1100 maps from our Caribbean