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January 2019 Update

Many improvements for the Leiden University Libraries' Catalogue this month! Here is a short overview of what is new: "Download PDF directly" You can now directly download PDFs coming from

New Feature: Time scheduling your video

Sometimes certain (video) content should only be available for a limited period of time, to facilitate this one of the features of the Kaltura video system is the option to publish your video for a li

New Feature: Captioning

We have added a new tool to the videoportal for captioning your video. Captioning is useful in various ways by making your video accessible for the hearing impaired as well as making your video mor

New Feature: CaptureSpace

Capture space adds the option to create various forms of recordings previously unavailable to you. Now you can record solely your voice, make a webcam recording, a screen recording (with or without

Introducing Stefan de Jong

Hello! My name is Stefan and I am a new addition to the digital services group specifically hired as functional manager for Leiden University's Kaltura and web-lectures systems working with Mads.