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Hi All, We added a logo to the videoportal to make it more recognizable. We hope you like it!

Replacement Feature: Captions with 'Reach'

Today we have released another replacement feature. This time it concerns the creation and editing process for captions. The new system in place is called 'Reach' and is a lot easier to use and muc

Replacement Feature: Webcam Recording

Dear users, We are happy to announce that today we have implemented the new version of the webcam recordings module. The new version is fully HTML5 based and is much easier in use than before an

January 2019 Update

Many improvements for the Leiden University Libraries' Catalogue this month! Here is a short overview of what is new: "Download PDF directly" You can now directly download PDFs coming from

New Feature: Time scheduling your video

Sometimes certain (video) content should only be available for a limited period of time, to facilitate this one of the features of the Kaltura video system is the option to publish your video for a li